Monday, December 8, 2008

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From the Marin Project “Are wireless technologies making us sick?”

“More than six hundred scientific studies have been published worldwide, which link low-level microwaves and radio-frequency (RF) fields to dozens of bio-effects and more than twenty illnesses. Microwaves have been shown to cause cancers, damage DNA, reduce melatonin, disrupt brain chemistry, increase triglycerides and impose impacts to the central nervous system, reproductive system, brain, cardio-vascular system and hormone function. However, the Federal Government and industry groups have ignored this emerging science, summarily dismissing these studies, as they continue to cling to an out-dated RF-field health-impact model, which was first championed in the 1950’s by ex-Nazi physicist Hermann Schwann. This RF-field health-impact model contends that the only possible harmful effects from microwaves on humans, arises from heating – like a microwave oven. This is called the thermal effect. Meanwhile hundreds of international biologists and epidemiologists have demonstrated the fallibility of this model by demonstrating RF/Microwave - induced bioeffects in living organisms, even at very low, non-thermal levels.”

“While the scientific evidence is mounting that microwaves may be at the root of many modern day illnesses, including many cancers, Alzheimer’s, autism, depression, Chronic Fatigue, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and other neurological disorders, the Federal Government has stopped funding RF-field health studies since the late 1990’s, as did most industry groups. Yet as wireless technologies have recently exploded at unprecedented rates; moved closer to us and into our households; and are now almost 'always on;' there is a stronger case than ever to commission scientific research into the health risks of microwave radiation from so many wireless signals.”

Section 704 of the 1996Telecommunications Act is bad law, undoubtedly written by the cellular industry. It is probably even unconstitutional, and should be repealed.

Transition team members concerned with the physical health of our citizens should carefully review The Bioiniative Report before embracing further deployment of wireless technologies.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the information contained in non-thermal radiation from cell phones and cell towers is today’s asbestos, cigarettes and thalidomide.

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